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Interspecies communication [Oct. 6th, 2006|09:30 am]
Cat Conversations


So I've been letting Valor and Baine (cats) and Neko (African pygmy hedgehog) get accustomed to each other. Last night was the second time - I herded everyone into the bathroom and let them wander. (Pictures from the first time can be found here.)

Valor: It's that little moving thing again!! *sniffs tentatively*
Baine: It....moves. *twitches his whiskers*
Neko: *shuffles around the floor*
Baine: It's not looking. Maybe I can check it out. *sneaks up behind her and sniffs her back*
Neko: Something is sniffing me. I'll sniff it back! *turns around and makes a beeline for Baine's front paws, nose twitching*
Baine: OH MY GOD IT'S SNIFFING MY PAWS. *jumps back*
Neko: Hey. I thought we were sniffing. *follows, still sniffing*
Baine: MY PAWS! MY PAWS! *jumps back farther*
Neko: YOU ARE CHEATING. *sniff sniff*
Baine: AUGH! *jumps up on the edge of the bathtub, out of reach*
Neko: Wimp.
Valor: Wimp.
Baine: *preen*
Neko: *sniffing around*
Valor: *sneaks up behind her and sniffs her back*
Neko: PAWS! *beeline for Valor's paws, sniffing*
Valor: AUGH! *jumps back*
Neko: Come ON, you guys are fifteen times my size. I just want to SNIFF YOUR PAWS, dammit. *follow, sniff*
Valor: AUGH!!! *jumps back*
Neko: WTF-ever, noobs.