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Play! [Oct. 2nd, 2006|08:22 pm]
Cat Conversations


For the record, Chay is a 9 month old orange/beige tabby. Stitch is a little over two years old, and a brown/gray tabby. Both are shorthair, and you can find pics in my journal in this post.

Chay: Play with me!
Stitch: Do I look like a kitten?
Chay: But... I'm cute!
Stitch: ...and?
Chay: I want to play!
Stitch: ...
Chay: Fine.
*Chay saunters about five feet away and flops down on the floor*
*Orange tabby tail twitches for a good five minutes*
Chay: Play!
Stitch: ...
*Chay wraps both paws around Stitch's neck"
Stitch: Fine.

*a tumbling/wrestling match ensues*

Seriously... with cats, who needs tv?